BSA Child Rights 



July 2005 : Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny decide to address the rampant issue of child labour in Darjeeling, West Bengal

November 2006: Door to door survey conducted in and around Kalimpong region. Survey data reveals existence of 261 child labourers employed in hotels, garages, households, etc

December 2006: Drop in centres / bridge schools in two areas (8th Mile and Thakurbari in Kalimpong town) formed and classes begin

December 2006: The first silent rally on child rights observing ‘International Human Rights day’ organized from 8th Mile to 10th Mile, Kalimpong

March 2007: BSA participates in the ‘Asian March against Forced Child Labour through Child Trafficking’, organized by Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Delhi

June 2007:Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust (BSA) established by Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny registered as an NGO

May 2009: Sensitization of stakeholder groups through awareness programmes for schools, students, parents and guardians

March 2010: BSA conductsPress Conference in Kalimpong on the theme ‘Is Child Labour Free Gorkhaland Possible?’

June 2010: BSA submits Signatures Campaign to the then Sub Divisional Officer against child labour

July 2010: First major raid and rescue operation conducted in Kalimpong town with the police and Labour Department, 18 children rescued and rehabilitated

March 2011: BSA becomes NGO partner of CHILDLINE India Foundation in Kalimpong sub division and also a sub-centre for helpline services in the area; BSA CHILDLINE team is formed

March 2011: Chairperson, West Bengal Commission for Women, Ms. MaliniBhattacharya visits BSA

May 2011: Six children rescued from an agent at Kalimpong town in a raid;agent put behind bars

June 2011: BSA submits memorandum toLabour Minister and Labour Commissioner of Government of West Bengal regarding implementation of National Child Labour Project (NCLP) in district and punitive measures for offenders

December 2011:BSA appointed to run NCLP School at Thakurbari in Kalimpong sub-division; School formally inaugurated by deputy Sub Divisional Magistrate

January 2012: Workshop on Child Rights for BSA staffs and Sisters working in different communities held at Kalimpong as part of capacity building for staff on counselling and legal issues

February 2012: BSA forms first children’s Club in Maria Busty village with 33 children

March 2012: 11 children rescued in raid conducted by BSA, CHILDLINE and police in different shops / restaurants around Kalimpong town

April 2012: BSA becomes part of the first Raid and Rescue team formed at the Government level for the district

May 2012: Two children from BSA pass the West Bengal Board Secondary Examination with 1st and 2nd division marks

June 2012: 11 child labourers aged 10-13 yrs rescued by the Raid & Rescue Team and handed over to BSA for rehabilitation

June 2012: On community demand, sensitization workshop on Human Trafficking conducted in Pudung in collaboration with CHILDLINE

June 2012: BSA facilitates formation of second children’s club at St. George’s High School, Pedongwith 32 children

October 2012: First phase of ‘Ensuring Child Rights Project’ with support from CARITAS India begins with Baseline survey and Focus Group discussions in community and schools

December 2012: BSA and CHILDLINE conductsensitization workshop on National Integrated Child Protection (NICP) in Kalimpong for Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) staff

December 2012: Rescue of minors working as child labour in domestic sector from 16th and 17th mile near Algarah

December 2012: Child Rights Protection Committeeinitiated at Maria Busty in a workshop on Formation of Children’s Club and Child Rights Protection Committee (CRPC)at Maria Children’s Club by BSA

January, 2013: BSA sends delegates to Nine is Mine campaign at Delhi from January 30 – February 2, 2013 demanding 6% and 3% public expenditure on education and health by the government respectively; BSA addresses increasing rates of child labour despite implementation of Right to Education and participates in subsequent meeting in Delhi with the CM